The Wanton Widow

by Maggie Carpenter

She’s searching for love. He’s hunted by a deadly assassin. Can one stormy night save her heart and his life?

Lady Verity James, famous for her beauty and infamous for her scandalous behavior, seeks a man who offers the unique passion she once shared with her late husband. When she meets the rain-soaked foreign stranger, an odd fluttering in her stomach bursts to life. Could it be…?

Dantae Fellini, a swarthy Italian with dark mesmerizing eyes, has just escaped an assassination attempt. Struggling through a ferocious storm he has stumbled upon the elegant manor house. He hopes for safety, but when he sees the winsome widow with sad eyes, he wonders if the house holds more than shelter.

Does Dantae bring danger? Though she senses he carries secrets she invites him to stay.

Mystery, secret passages, surprising spies and tall, dashing, handsome heroes fill the pages of this suspenseful romance. If you like sizzling chemistry and heart-stopping romance, you’ll love this stormy love story.

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Category: Historical Romance