The Waikiki Hummer

by Shannon Stiles

Not all erotic stories are romances. Some are mysteries, some are comedies, and some are kinda romantic, but without a lot of romance. That pretty much describes this book – the adventures of TJ Rollins, AKA the Waikiki Hummer, a young, orally-fixated Honolulu woman with a fondness for dorky, middle-aged tourists. When an uncomfortable encounter with a California hoodlum leads to her accidentally coming into possession of a large amount of counterfeit twenty-dollar bills, both trouble and fun ensue as she tries to give them back without getting herself killed!

Book 1 of the ongoing seven-book series, complete (and very nasty!) stories, no cliffhangers, all books free in KU.

$0.99 Previously $2.99

Category: Erotica