The Vilka’s Servant (Shifters of Kladuu Book 1)

by Pearl Foxx

Kladuu is a planet full of shape-shifting clans.
It’s also the best-kept secret from the clans’ greatest enemy: Humans.

Vera is the sole female engineer aboard the Zynthar International Space Station. When a band of rogue aliens take her and a group of women hostage, Vera and the women are forced into servitude on an unknown planet full of shape-shifting alien wolves called Vilkas. Vera will do anything to escape, but the Vilka she works for is protective and loyal … and far too attractive.

Rayner is Beta of Clan Vilka on Kladuu. It’s a position he puts before all other aspects of his life, including love. But the more he gets to know his beautiful human servant, the more he recognizes the flaws in his clan’s way of life.

When Rayner’s duties to his clan and his Alpha fall in direct opposition to protecting Vera—to protecting his mate—he will stop at nothing to keep her safe.

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Category: Science Fiction Romance