The Vegas Bluff

by Ajme Williams

I was right all along…
Amelia was just like all the other women I never wanted to see again after spending one night together.

In fact, she turned out to be worse than them.

Let me backup…

It’s true when they say that Las Vegas should be burned to the ground.
I’d burn it myself after ending up married to a woman and having no memory of it.
Was Amelia playing me?
Judging by the way she was sweating and yelling in shock, I didn’t think so.

My heart lied to me and begged me to believe in her authenticity.
You know, maybe she wasn’t after my money or prestige, after all.
Maybe her gorgeous body contained a heart that I could actually love.

Boy was I wrong.

Instead of finding an honest heart, I discovered a nasty secret that made me want to rewind time and undo the moments I’d spent with her inside the bedroom.

She was a devil in human form.
A devil that was now wearing a wedding ring… and carrying my baby.
Could this Christmas bring me any more surprises?

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Category: Contemporary Romance