The Vacation Toy – A Reverse Harem Adventure Romance

by Krista Wolf

We were supposed to be reaping the fruits of our labor; an all-girls trip to a breathtaking beach-side villa in Tahiti. But when my ex-teammates bail at the last minute, I’m stuck in a double-booked villa with our fiercest – and most gorgeous – of competitors.

Differences are eventually set aside, rivalries forgotten as the four of us settle in for sun-soaked week of overwhelming temptation. But when a molten hot game of Truth or Dare allows me to unravel the guys’ darkest, most butterfly-inducing of secrets? I’m ready to let them take me places I’ve only dreamed of going before.

Devin and Reese are ex-college athletes, hard-bodied football players with soft hearts and goosebump-inciting smiles. Hayden’s the quintessential California surf god; blond-haired and blue-eyed, with a whole delicious ocean of ripped abdominals I could drown myself in, forever.

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Category: Erotic Romance