The Unorthodox Trilogy Box Set: Three Full-Length Novels (A Love Story of Domination and Submission)

by Lilah E. Noir

Smart. Mature. Sophisticated. Out of his league. She was the forbidden fruit and his heart’s desire.
Young. Plucky. Ambitious. Sweet on the outside, dominant on the inside. He was all she never knew she needed.

After seven years of pent-up longing Thomas Jett challenges his boss Lina Riley and her one crippling weakness. All bets are off when she surrenders to his discipline in the hope he’d set her free from her addiction. He introduces her to the deviant world of delicious torture and intense pleasure. Every time she kneels at his feet their connection grows stronger.

That intense bond pushes them past their limits and threatens to destroy their sanity.

Can Thomas get over his inner demons and be the man and Dom Lina craves?
Will Lina learn to trust him and her own desires?

Find out what will come of their unorthodox romance in this deluxe box set.

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Category: BDSM