The Timeless Series

by Simon King

He promised to love her forever. And then he died. Is this her end? Millie always knew Marcus was the one. A fairytale straight from her dreams, complete with a billionaire, their own high-rise building and a life above NYC. Yet nothing could prepare her for a tragedy that would steal him away. Now left alone, Millie struggles with a soul-crushing grief. Refusing to leave the apartment, she follows the world through a telescope, the final gift from Marcus. As Millie starts to help those she watches, strange letters arrive, claiming to watch her from afar. With no way of knowing their author, she continues to help those in need. But someone is watching, desperate to get the attention of a woman with the ability to change fate. Because the telescope holds a curse, a key to a second chance. Will Millie make the connection in time, or is her own future locked in the tragedies of the past?

$0.99 Previously $7.99

Category: Paranormal Romance