The Spell of Three

by Casey Morgan

Two strapping Irish elves. One lonely but strong female witch. And a love – not to mention a burning desire – that cannot be denied.

Shanna McDonnell is having a horrible would-be honeymoon. It doesn’t help that her fiancĂ© just left her for her little sister or that her parents are on her sister’s side.

But now she is in Ireland, during the rainy season, alone. She’s supposed to meet her long-lost relatives, but the McDonnells of Ireland aren’t the friendly family she expects. And meeting them leads her to real trouble.

Luck’s Hollow is a town mostly inhabited by elves and sprites. Its small-town feel, and little shops, make it the perfect destination for the paranormal tourist. And Hennessey House is the most charming bed and breakfast for the discerning werewolf or witch.

The tall, handsome elf brothers, Brody and Ryan, are the general managers of the bed and breakfast that has been in their family for hundreds of years. The brothers like to share a joke, and show off their muscles, but when a gorgeous red-headed witch checks into the honeymoon suite alone, they decide to try to show off and share other things as well.

What starts as a one-night stand with both elves meant to be a fun fling to help Shanna forget her heartbreak grows into so much more. Suddenly Shanna is facing the wrath of her Irish cousins and the scorn of the whole town. But the elves’ love is a natural spell so powerful Shanna doesn’t think she could break it even if she wanted to.

Will Ryan and Brody’s love be enough to pull her through when things with her family turn violent? Or will the magic between them fizzle when reality sets in?

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Category: Paranormal Romance