The Sky At Night

by Samantha Lovelock

For eighteen years, I survived my waking nightmare by terrorizing others. The only way to keep my secret was to make sure I was hated. Feared. Alone. And it worked—until my mother shipped me off to The Overlook.

And then he showed up.

I wasn’t there when my father took his last breath. The only way to survive my guilt and grief was to drown at the bottom of a bottle. Devastated. Broken. And it worked—until my best friend convinced me to go to The Overlook.

And then she showed up.

The Sky At Night is the emotional journey of two damaged souls searching for healing and finding each other along the way. This roller coaster ride of angst, steam, and raw emotion will leave you begging for more!

– enemies to lovers
– alphahole
– rock star
– emotional scars
– redemption
– slow burn

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Category: New Adult & College Romance