The Shifter’s Stolen Fae

by Amelia Shaw

The supernaturals have been kicked out of Faerie… and Aurelia has no idea which side she’s on.

When her adoptive mother dies, Aurelia is accused of her murder. The witches want a scapegoat, and they’ve always hated Aurelia. She goes looking for a safe place to rest, only to find danger at every turn. The only man who seems even remotely safe, is Grey, but he’s the last man she should trust. He’s the King of the Syndicate, a corrupt underground organization full of the supernatural’s that hate all Fae.

Grey’s been looking for a full-blooded Fae for years, and when his minions find one, he can’t let her escape. He’ll do anything to fulfil his fate. But the last thing he expects to find is that the fairy is his mate… and the long-lost daughter of his greatest enemy.

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Category: Paranormal Romance