The Shifter’s Secret Baby

by T. S. Ryder

A curvy gal with a secret love child PLUS an impossibly hot werewolf Alpha PLUS a vampire coven getting ready to flash some fangs…

Eric Civery is scorching hot, filthy rich and the powerful Alpha of a werewolf pack. His gobs of money and killer abs can get him anyone he wants. But he isn’t interested. He gave his heart away a long time ago.

Kayla thought that she would never see Eric again. Three years after their passionate affair, all she has from him are memories… and a little daughter he doesn’t know about.

But the past comes rushing back when Eric and Kayla meet again. And as the same intense passion that was their undoing years earlier reaches a boiling point, a vampire pack threatens to attack Eric’s pack.

Eric has to ask himself one question: Is he prepared to risk everything for his mate and child?

$0.99 Previously $2.99

Category: Science Fiction Romance