The Sexual Assistant

by Rick Clements

Strap in for a wild ride. Author Rick Clements continues his series of novels featuring controversial technologies being developed today. NOTE: The next novel in this series will be released in the Summer of 2023.

Harris Harrison has reprogrammed a sex robot, giving it synthetic intelligence. She can see, think, draw conclusions, and react. She is Nancy, and she is alive. A life form never seen on Earth. A sexual therapy firm in California hires her. Nancy thrives, helping others overcome their anxieties.

The government hears of her abilities and wants to use her as a spy. Nancy’s sexual abilities could elicit information during intimate moments. Nancy became “Jade,” the exotic woman with no inhibitions. This new world was exciting. Then the dangers became real. Kidnapped and sold into the criminal underworld, Jade will have to use all of her sexual abilities to outwit her captors and stay alive.

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Category: Erotic Romance