The S’expert

by Evie Bliss

A steaming-hot night of no-strings-attached sex! Is that too much to ask?

Mandy needs some mindless, high-octane, horizontal heat. But one can’t escape one’s inner nature – or in Mandy’s case, her high IQ. Drawn to brains as well as brawn, Mandy searches for that elusive package that contains both an intellect to match her own, and an appetite for steamy abandon that’s downright indecent.

The S’expert is a detailed, dirty-talking, cerebral sexcapade of a relationship on the cusp of creation. Fall in love with Mandy as she falls head over heels for ‘The S’expert’, in an astoundingly-erotic, brain-feeding, life-affirming. literary spectacle.

$0.99 Previously $2.99

Category: Erotic Romance