The Secret Seduction

by Charlie Lane

Love and secrets don’t mix…

Appearances can be deceiving, just ask Carson Allworthy, Viscount Trevor. He might appear the quintessential gentleman described in his mother’s book, but he is no angel, a fact he plans to reveal to Miss Allison Shropshire, whose clever wit, big heart, and love of adventure tempt him to conduct a secret seduction.

Allison may be the only woman in London who finds Lord Trevor’s impeccable manners—to put it bluntly—boring. She’d rather set his mother’s book aflame in Hyde Park than marry Lord Trevor. But an unexpected encounter sparks a desire to know all of the suddenly sultry lord’s secrets.

Will Lord Trevor keep his secrets to himself? Or will he reveal all in order to win Allison’s heart and hand?

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Category: Historical Romance

Sinning in Secret

by Charlie Lane

When a Lady intends to avoid marriage …

Lady Willow, the powerful Duke of Valingford’s daughter, has two options: marry the man her parents chose for her or spend the rest of her days in a madhouse. Determined to shape her own future, Willow plots a secret escape.

… can the lord who loves her change her mind?

The Viscount Cordell takes a methodical and scientific approach to everything, including his search for a wife. Anxious to discover the formula for a happy and successful marriage, he agrees to marry the beautiful and impulsive Lady Willow, a woman who challenges his every hypothesis.

Cordell knows Willow is the key to his marriage formula; she’s not convinced. Will she marry the man her parents have chosen or find another way to escape the madhouse?

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