The Secret of the Kings

by Nora Delzelle

Who are we under the masks we wear? Alex leads a quiet life. She spends all her time with co-workers from Galen. Her friends like to meddle in Alex’s love life. That’s what friends do, right?

Alex receives a letter that grants her an inheritance from a total stranger. Among his effects is a mask that changes Alex’s life forever. After an attempt on her life, she is shocked to see the mask take the form of her face. It’s endowed with powers from the ancient deity, Horus.

Alex is in danger from the god of chaos, Set. He has vowed to take revenge against Horus for killing his lover. The mask fuses the personalities of its previous owners, and Alex’s own identity is in danger. As she solves the mystery, the stakes keep rising. Set is hot on Alex’s trail, and he won’t stop. Alex discovers deep feelings for co-worker Gabriel Reyes. She must carefully thread the needle of destiny and fulfillment.

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Category: Fantasy Romance