The Secret Billionaire

by LA Pepper

My brother had warned me about David.
He’d told me to stay away from him.
But the rebel in me didn’t listen.
A bad boy, who’s also my brother’s best friend is the worst idea in the world.

So of course, I paid the consequences with a shattered heart…

I had heard rumours about his secretive, and mysterious past.
No one could ever pin down what he did for a living, where he got his boatloads of money,
or why he often disappeared.

When he left, I vowed not to let him ruin my life again.
But one thought of those big brown eyes, and even bigger chest,
my heart ached to feel him close again, just one time……

I tried to seem indifferent.
I didn’t want him to know how I missed him, and how I craved him.

He has connections.
He read my letters that he was never supposed to see.

There was another thing he wasn’t supposed to do.
Get me pregnant.
Should I give him another chance to leave his past behind and step up to be the man we need him to be?

If you love your alpha males hot and protective, this kindle melting standalone is for you!
Mystery, scandals, secrets and true love, all bundled up for an epic HEA, and of course no cheating or cliffhangers!

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Category: Contemporary Romance