The Safeguarded Heart

by Melanie A. Smith

Serafina Evans has learned the hard way to protect herself. But Alessandro Giordano, her charming and handsome Italian client, has pursued her for months. She’s starting to feel tempted to give in even though she knows better.
But as they get closer, she learns that Alessandro isn’t all that he seems. And there are plenty of other challenges Sera faces running her own real estate company, including mysterious attempts to sabotage her business — and her life.
Sera knows letting her guard down again could bring more than another heartbreak: it could spell disaster for everything she’s built. Will gambling on a mercurial relationship pay off, or will it leave her hurt and closed off from love forever? Or will she even survive long enough to find out?
Note: Books One through Three in this series are meant to be read in order.

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Category: Erotic Romance