The Rockstar’s Omega

by Hannah Haze

Be careful what you wish for…

Winning the opportunity to meet her idol backstage — rock god Ash Canon — is Layla’s dream come true. She’s lucky, isn’t she? After all, she is his biggest fan — and she knows everything there is to know about him. At least, she thought she did!

But when she steps into his dressing room, a deep, seductive scent tells Layla this rock star has one big secret he’s kept well hidden from the world.

Ash Canon is an Alpha.

And when that same scent tips her into heat, all her wildest dreams and most outrageous fantasies come true … until one rash deed leads to Layla’s worst nightmare.

Forced together while the world’s press sniff around for gossip, can their lustful actions lead to the kind of love Ash sings about?


If you love the sauciness of omegaverse with the sweetness of contemporary romance, heroes with hard shells and soft interiors, and heroines who fight for what they want, you’ll love Hannah Haze’s soft and steamy books – omegaverse set in our world.

The Rockstar’s Omega is book one in The Alpha Rock Star series but can be read as a standalone novel with no cheating and a happy ending guaranteed.

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Category: Paranormal Romance

Rocked by the Alpha

by Hannah Haze

How do you catch a woman like Ruby Bloom?

Rock star, West Stone, likes chasing girls. And most girls like to be caught. So how he’s found himself chasing the elusive Ruby Bloom, he’s just not sure.

Their bands are fierce rivals, known to hate each other’s guts, their public spats newspaper fodder. Which makes West’s clandestine hookups with Ruby both thrilling and dangerous. The woman is certainly happy to fall into bed with him, but anything more seems off the table.

But while this chase may be delicious, this is one Omega he wants to catch.

If only she’d stop slipping from his grasp.

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