The Remake

by Eve Marian

I vowed never to speak to him again. But years later, I find out, he’s my next client.

Luke Crawford was my best friend until he became my nightmare in high school. In the decade since we graduated, I’ve tried to forget him. I’ve focused on caring for my sick mom and making partner in the accounting firm where I work. But then Crawford Corporation is added to my client list and Luke saunters back into my life, making even the simplest task difficult. I want to turn around and leave. But I can’t walk away from this job, I have bills to pay.
Time is supposed to heal all wounds, but Grace Sweeney hurt me more than I care to think about. When a storm forces us together, I learn that my perspective of the past may have been tainted and suddenly my irritation with Grace weans and my attraction ignites. My instinct is to run, but if I do, this time, I know I’ll lose her forever.

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Category: New Adult & College Romance