The Reluctant Duke’s Dilemma

by Trisha Messmer

After establishing a successful practice in America, Dr. Harry Radcliffe swore he wouldn’t set foot on British soil again. But when he’s named the Duke of Ashton after his callous brother’s sudden death, he begrudgingly returns to the pretentious world he detests. And his pledge to his dying mother to find a wife is thrown into chaos when he meets his stunning sister-in-law.

Finally escaping her abusive marriage, Margaret Radcliffe longs for a new start. Yet her late husband’s final cruel act leaves her penniless, with her only option to remarry … the one thing she vowed she’d never do again. But the new duke’s startlingly familiar features awaken yearnings she thought long-forgotten, dangling the heartbreaking whisper of a passion impossible to fulfill.

Although convinced the accusations she murdered her husband are only salacious gossip, Harry’s real torment comes when he wishes for a union that would make them outcasts. And when they finally submit to their simmering attraction, Margaret’s dream of happily-ever-after is derailed by society’s schemes.

Can a scandalous affair turn into a lifetime of love?

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Category: Historical Romance