The Reluctant Bride


Sometimes a marriage of convenience isn’t convenient at all!

Ralph Earl of Avalon is wealthy enough to choose any bride he desires, and when his cousin suggests he take a wife to heal the rift in his family it seems the perfect solution to his problems. But his chosen bride, Sophia Challoner, has her own axe to grind and soon Ralph’s well-conceived plan is turned on its head as she defies him at every turn.

When Sophia Challoner is forced into marriage with the Earl of Avalon to save her father from ruin, she is furious. Ralph is the most attractive and compelling man she has ever met but he is a wastrel and a philanderer. Yet the more she gets to know him, the more the physical passion he stirs within her threatens to derail her intention to remain aloof. Can she continue to resist him or will she lose her heart to a man who has made it perfectly clear he has no heart to give?

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Category: Historical Romance