The Quarterback Shifter

by Emma Wolfe

Welcome to Smoky Hills Academy

#1 in Football #1 in Wolf Shifters
Mom and I just needed a place to start over. Somewhere to move on from the past that haunts us.

Smoky Hills, Tennessee seemed to be exactly what we needed.

Here, I could be invisible.

That is, until quarterback Liam Bronson decides I’m important.

Even though there are plenty of girls who would love his attention, he doesn’t seem to care. The way he stares at me is like I’m the only one that matters, even in a room full of people.

Like he chose me.

Then I discover his secret. The animal that lives inside of him. He tells me to leave. That it’s not safe for a human.

If only my heart didn’t pound when he was around. If only he wasn’t so kind. If only he wasn’t exactly what I need in my life, I could honor his wish.

Lucky for me, I’m not part of his pack.

I don’t have to obey.

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Category: Paranormal Romance