The Perfect Deceit

by January James

Marcus Armstrong is the youngest, most successful billionaire CEO to grace London’s Square Mile. He also happens to be one half of Britain’s most beautiful celebrity couple. But that’s not what Lottie Mathieson is interested in. She wants his brains, his connections, his ambition, his respect. So much so, she’ll become someone else to get it.

When the professional becomes personal, and they embark on an obsessive affair, their fall from grace is anything but graceful. And Lottie has to learn the hard way that it’s not who you are when you’re on top that defines you; it’s how you get up when you fall.

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Category: Contemporary Romance

The Perfect Betrayal

by January James

A once-celebrated CEO in rapid decline. A smart and sexy ad exec sent to save his business. Can their intense desire for each other survive the unthinkable?

I have just landed the job of my dreams.
I should be the happiest woman in the square mile.
But I’m not. Because I have the boss from hell.

Zac Morecambe-Cheney is my new CEO, famed for being an old-moneyed, sexy bachelor with charismatic charm, devastating looks and self-made millions.

But Zac Morecambe-Cheney is broken, and he’s intent on breaking everyone around him.
His armour is impenetrable, but somehow I crawl beneath it.
Then he breaks me too, but not before I see the cracks in his soul.

Many people have tried to put Zac together again.
Could I be the one to succeed?

$0.99 Previously $3.99