The Pariah Dream Series

by LNora

Vanessa Waters is a woman in control of every aspect of her life until her world starts spiraling out of control when her dreams lull her into a world she wasn’t prepared to encounter. Her relationship too seems to be losing its luster while Vanessa struggles to figure out what to do about her troublesome nights. During an erotic romantic flashback based on a story her boyfriend wrote for her when they first met, Vanessa realizes just how deep the rabbit hole can go when dreams become a reality.
Beyond her sleepless nights, an even more sinister evil lurks as Vanessa is discovered by covert agencies to hold the key to power only they desire to control and they will stop at nothing to usurp the powers she and others like her are holding.
What will happen to her life, her relationship and her sanity as Vanessa tries to navigate the fine line between dreams and reality? Find out as you read this surrealistic, erotica laced novella. Beware, you may enter a world, you never quite suspected could exist.

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Category: Action & Adventure Romance