The Orient Express: An Erotic Adventure

by Victoria Rush

When Jade decides to take a five day/four night tour aboard the famed Orient Express train, she quickly finds the amenities on the luxury liner are more than she anticipated. On the first leg of her trip, she meets a pretty French girl in the bar car, and before long the two women are getting tipsy. They return to their seats on opposite ends of the car, where Jade is shocked but excited to see Adele spread her legs and give her a sexy show.

After the two women exchange a brief but passionate exchange surrounded by other distracted passengers, Jade is horrified to learn that a high-school senior traveling with her father had been spying on them the whole time. When the girl leaves her seat and motions for Jade to join her in the train’s public lavatory, Jade can’t resist having another exciting fling hidden from view of the other passengers.

Later that evening, Jade joins her new friends for dinner in the dining car, where her meal is interrupted by the girl’s sexy caressing of her bare legs under the table. While Jade struggles to finish her meal without revealing to the others what Leila is doing, she has another powerful climax next to the girl’s oblivious father…

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Category: Erotica