The Nephilim’s Fate

by Eliza Hampstead

For years, I’d dreamed of the man… so when he steps out of my dreams and into my life, everything changes… London tends to be safe—but when I’m attacked by vampires, the man from my dreams saves my life. Face to face with the reality that I didn’t make him up, I realise nothing will ever be the same. But he says we can’t be together, because I’m a witch and he’s a half-angel; a Nephilim.

My desire for her is undeniable, but I won’t risk her life for selfish longing… The old text is very clear—our love would kill us both. But I learned a more sinister truth about our relationship. A truth that threatens to not only tear us apart, but endangers the whole world. Our love could start a catastrophic magical war. But some acts can’t be undone and our romance might just spark the end of the world.

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Category: Paranormal Romance