The Nephilim’s Fate

by Eliza Hampstead

Alissia dreamed of a mysterious man for years, but when Nate swoops in to rescue her from a pack of bloodthirsty vampires, Alissia discovers that she isn’t just an ordinary human—she’s a powerful witch. And Nate isn’t just any man—he’s a half-angel, a Nephilim. Their love is forbidden by the magical community, but that only makes it burn hotter.
Determined to prove the old texts wrong, they embark on a dangerous journey that’ll unravel the secrets of their magical world—and risk plunging it into war. With sinister groups vying for power, Nate and Alissia are quickly dragged into a conflict that’ll shape their world’s fate forever. Will they risk everything to be together? Find out in this epic tale full of twists and turns, wild action, steamy scenes, and a strong heroine!

$0.99 Previously $5.99

Category: Paranormal Romance