The Mysterious Madeleine Asher

by Catherine Hudson

After an event that rocked her family, for the first time Madeleine leaves her home county and travels to London. Circumstances delayed her introduction into society, but now it is her time to shine. Her entrance surprises many, many who believed the history of the Asher family meant they would never surface again, but Madeleine does. As a girl, it shattered her but as a woman, Madeleine shows society she has survived. Her arrival shocks the people who brought misery to her family, and by planting herself firmly in London society, Madeleine faces a battle.

Then she meets Sir Alastair Marlowe, a man who is deemed as Madeleine’s adversary. A man who turns Madeleine’s head with his natural charm and attraction. Astute to the situation, Madeleine suspects his loyalty will be with the people who crushed her family several years ago. It’s an assumption proved correct. On meeting Madeleine, it challenges Sir Alastair’s perception, and quickly the mysterious, beautiful Madeleine eats into his thoughts: she affects him like no other. Drawn to her, Sir Alastair’s attraction to Madeleine is something he can’t fight, but will Madeleine continue to view him as the enemy?

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Category: Historical Romance