The Metamorphosis of Becca

by Jocelyn Kraemer

It’s cancer…. Those two words rocked Becca Clarke’s organized world and turned her plans upside down. But now, newly in remission, she’s got a second chance at life and refocuses on delivering on the promise she made to her father. But Becca’s best friend has other ideas. To make matters worse, a stranger enters her life who has her questioning everything she thought she knew. With his deep baritone, tanned and toned physique, and proverbial rose-colored glasses, he has her seeing the world through fresh eyes. These are distractions she doesn’t need! Yet, life, hope and love lie down the path. Does she have the courage to upend her world just when it’s starting to right itself? Find out in this stand-alone, happily ever after that showcases the power of family and friends and intertwines women’s fiction with sweet and steamy contemporary romance.

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Category: Contemporary Romance