The Man From Nowhere

by Susan Leigh Carlton

Penelope wanted a cowboy.
Charlie wanted to be a test pilot.
When his plane goes down Charlie ejects himself just in time only to fall through a time warp.
Captured by Indians, and delivered to Penelope, he’s cared for until his injuries heal.
When it’s time for Penelope to head back east, her train is derailed, and this time Charlie is the one saving her.
Is it love or mere circumstances that brings them together? Can Charlie adapt to his new surroundings? Will Penelope open her heart to more than just gratitude and concern? Find out now in The Man From Nowhere.

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Category: Historical Romance

I Won’t Marry You

by Susan Leigh Carlton

Rebecca has loved Thaddeus since she was fifteen. Her father’s shocking schemes have made her feel tarnished and unworthy. As much as she loves Thaddeus, why would he marry her when he finds out what happened?
A gunsmith, Thaddeus considers himself to be too far beneath her station to be her husband and moves with his family to Montana Territory.
How can they find each other when they’re so far apart? Will they even see each other again? Will he even want her? Can she marry a man who is just a gunsmith?

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