The Mafia Princess

by M James

All my life, I, Caterina Rossi, have known my life could only go one way. The college degree, the four years of freedom, all of it has led back to this—my re-entrance into the life that was always meant for me, and a ring like a golden shackle on my finger, binding me to a man who will never love or want me, only use me. That’s the fate of every woman in my position, in this mafia life.

And my fate has led me to Luca Romano.

I hold the key to the most powerful criminal seat in Manhattan, and to claim it, Luca needs me–whether he wants to marry me or not.

But there’s someone else waiting in the shadows—someone who covets what Luca has—and everything he’s waiting to claim.

Someone who wants to steal his mafia princess.

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Category: Contemporary Romance