The Love of Her Lives

by C.J. Connolly

Another life. Another chance. Another love?

Millie has a pretty good life. She loves her job and her little studio apartment. She’s single, but she has Bonnie, the most wonderful best friend in the world.

Her love life is a total train wreck. She’s always attracted to the wrong men. She’s in love with Stephen — but he’s married to somebody else.

Millie always wonders what if? What if she’d met Stephen first, before he met his wife? She daydreams that somewhere, in another life, she and Stephen are together.

One day, Millie is heading to Bonnie’s lake house for the weekend. She arrives early and lets herself in through the basement door. But when she steps through it . . . something extraordinary happens.

Millie finds herself in another version of her life. Now, at last, she has a chance to capture the heart of the man of her dreams.

But what if Stephen isn’t The One after all?

What if Millie has unknowingly been in love with someone else all along . . .

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Category: Time Travel Romance