by C.J. Connolly

What if you could do all the things you never did . . .

Meet Olivia. Her life is just about perfect. She has a great job, a close-knit family — and she’s marrying the love of her life this summer.

So what’s missing? She’s twenty-eight years old and she’s never left her hometown. And Jake is the only boyfriend she’s ever had. Her friends tell her how lucky she is — and Liv believes them. But there’s still something bugging her.

After a romantic lakeside picnic to celebrate their one-year engagement, Liv takes a stroll to figure it all out. She slips and loses her balance, plunging into the cold lake water . . .

When Liv wakes up, she’s in a hospital bed. The nurse tells her she was brought in by a dog walker who found her unconscious.

But Liv has no scratches or bruises. And there’s no engagement ring on her finger.

No one knows who she is. Not her family, her friends, not even her fiancé. And Jake is about to propose to somebody else.

So now Liv has a chance to do all the things she never did. But maybe she doesn’t want to. Maybe she wants Jake to fall in love with her all over again . . .

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Category: Time Travel Romance