The Love Club of Amsterdam Avenue

by Cleo Long

The World’s Most Exclusive Club is About to Expose its Secrets…

Cindy, Laura, Ellen, and Olivia, all savvy, successful New York career women, are the founding members of a very special secret society. They call it the Love Club of Amsterdam Avenue, and its sole purpose is indulgence in every pleasure known to womankind… eating, drinking and swapping exciting, candid confessions of their happiest, wackiest, most intriguing and gratifying erotic encounters.

“It’s not that I regret that night,” muses Club member Laura. “But in every woman’s life there are secret memories, so private that she only lets herself remember them in the middle of the night, under the covers, when no one can see her blush…”

Great Company, Thrilling Conversation, Glorious Food and Amazing Sex…The Very Best of Everything – WELCOME TO THE LOVE CLUB OF AMSTERDAM AVENUE…

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Category: Erotica