The Lost Witch

by Chandelle LaVaun

No matter how hard I tried, I never fit in with anyone at school. Now I know why. Turns out I’m a scary powerful witch. Except The Coven won’t teach me how to use my magic. When I’m selected by the Goddess to hunt down a mythical locket needed to save the world from destruction. The only person who actually tries to help me is the alarmingly attractive Tennessee. He has immeasurable power and breathtaking mismatched eyes. I’m drawn to him on a level I can’t explain…and he’s forbidden from getting too close to me. When the quest takes an unexpected dangerous turn, I have to improvise. This supernatural world is unraveling at my fingertips and I need to master my magic fast. If I don’t, I could get everyone I care about killed.
I thought magic was make believe but I was wrong.

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Category: Paranormal Romance