The Look of Love

by Meara Platt

When Lady Olivia Gosling finds The Book of Love in a musty London bookshop, she is desperate to try it out. With her guardian about to marry her off to one of his unsavory friends, Olivia needs her childhood friend to fall in love with her… fast. If Beast can love her, then any man she chooses will surely do the same.

The Duke of Hartford, known as Beast among the ton, has returned from battle and is appalled to learn of the marriage plans Lady Olivia’s loathsome guardian has for her. Beast has decided that he will help her find a proper husband, even if it means putting up with her ridiculous experiments taken out of a silly book she says contains magical recipes for love.

Is it possible they actually work? Because suddenly, Beast can’t seem to get Olivia out of his mind… or his heart.

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Category: Historical Romance