The Locke Box: a romantic mystery novel

by Jennifer Daniels Neal

A bizarre car crash leaves two strangers to care for an orphaned baby, a pregnant cat, and the key to a lost family heirloom. Sensual but clean, suspenseful but triumphant, funny, and endearing.

Young sign language professor Emma longs for someone who will stick around. Her dad left when she was fifteen, and now the only creature she trusts is the stray cat she feeds every day. But this morning, while exploring a beautiful old cemetery, Emma meets Locke, a man who defies her doubt.

Today marks one year since Locke lost his brother to an apparent suicide. He visits the grave full of unanswered questions and dark thoughts. When Emma appears, with her wild orange hair and fiery disposition, she’s a welcome distraction.

Minutes after meeting, a car crash sends them fleeing from shadowy intruders and corrupt police. Their survival depends on a lost box full of family secrets.

$0.99 Previously $4.99

Category: Mystery/Suspense/Thriller Romance