The Letters/A Lifetime Foreign Affair

by Mae Adams

It is a love story of two countries, two cultures, two lives, and one love. When macho Marine Corps Colonel, Hewitt Adams, meets a beautiful Korean lady of aristocracy, Mae Yum, the fire of love ignites. Mae’s unexplained prophetic dream under her grandfather’s ginkgo tree in her youth intertwines two lives together. This powerful story is also a collection of two lovers’ letters, respect for cultures, individual lives, and respect for a union in love. It is about lovers who care deeply for each other but are willing to be under the floodlight to touch upon areas that can be detrimental to relationships and erode the self-worth and respect for partners. Full of life lessons and a tender, timeless romance, the letters capture the joys and agony that come with love while exposing the deepest secrets of their hearts. It is poignant, emotional, and at times heartrending.

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Category: Military Romance