The High-Heeled Gardener

by Debbie Bourne

When ex-fashion designer, Deborah, answers a knock on her door, little does she know that she’s about to embark upon the romance (growmance!) of her life. Sexy local politician, Toby, persuades her to turn a patch of land outside her flat into a community garden … with uproarious consequences.
Join Deborah, the High-Heeled Gardener, as she records her eco-adventures in a worms-and-all diary.
Jump aboard her rollercoaster year of steamy sustainability, organic food growing, and earthy fun.
Introducing a community of lusty climate activists, wassailers, and wood nymphs, Deborah is not only led up the garden path but becomes an unwitting environmentalist along the way.
But is there anything she can really do to help the planet?
From haute…to horti…couture, The High-Heeled Gardener is a hilarious horticultural handbook
A year of digging dangerously in eco-fiction!

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Category: Romantic Comedy