My Hideaway (Judged and Misunderstood Book 1)

by Skye-Anne Chariss

Keith has lived in the small town of Maidridge all his life. He is kind, quiet and handsome.

Keith has a moment of epiphany when he realizes his crush on the beautiful Melanie, who is out of his league, let alone his class. Keith is judged unfairly because everyone believes his mother is a sick whore abandoned by her husband because he could not stand her anymore.

Melanie is the town’s local beauty who has well-to-do parents and is popular amongst her peers. Melanie has a big heart and befriends lonely Keith, who turns out to be her wild fantasy against her parents’ warnings.

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Category: Erotic Romance

Bizarre Pre -Marriage Prep (Before Wedding Night Fun Book 1)

by Skye- Anne Chariss

A young couple engaged decides to go on a sexual adventure just before their Wedding Day.

Pat and Glory are a recently engaged young couple who fell in love while in high school. They made a religious pact to save themselves for marriage.

While their wedding was around the corner, they made a bizarre decision to go on a dare pre- marriage cavalier.

They would allow themselves to be defloured by strangers and go on wild adventures that would open them up to various experiences.

Will their commitment to each other survive this adventure? They say variety is a spice of life. Is this even normal?

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