The Hawthorne University Witch Series

by A.L. Hawke

The Hawthorne University Witch Series is available in its entirety with this complete collection:

Book I Cadence enrolls in a special program at Hawthorne University to be with a super cute teaching assistant. She hopes the program can help with visions of ghosts and witches. While evil from within threatens her and her newfound love.

Book II Cadence enters her junior year when her friend deals her a reversed Lovers tarot card. That means trouble in paradise. And there’s plenty of trouble when she learns of a new wicked witch’s involvement in her boyfriend’s past.

Book III Cadence stresses over the possibility of losing the love of her life as she plans to graduate. She’s also a bit distracted by a witch threatened with sacrificial murder and another murmuring to herself on a painted pentagram in her dorm room. Might the Abaddon witch be upsetting her plans?

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Category: Paranormal Romance