The Gypsy

by Kris Kassady

Ezra is a talented guitarist pursuing life as a professional busker. Sabina, of Romani heritage, is guest lecturer at New York’s Columbia University. When she hears Ezra play in Central Park, the air between them sizzles with tension.

Ezra is a classically trained guitarist who lives a nomadic lifestyle, travelling city to city, playing in public parks for donations, and living alone in his trailer with his dog Max.

Sabina’s heritage is connected to the Romani Gypsies who travelled between India and Europe for thousands of years playing music. But she’s never experienced anyone quite like Ezra.

These modern-day travellers are drawn to one another by a mutual fascination for their respective cultures. But they’re both loners.

Ezra is bonded to a nomadic life moving from city to city. Sabina’s teaching job is in Austin, Texas.

A hot fling in a New York summer might work, but a future together seems improbable. Can these nomadic spirits find a way to make beautiful music together?

If you like your steamy romance heartwarming and spicy, you’ll love The Gypsy.

This feel good romantic novella is perfect for a cozy, one sitting read on your favorite couch. Heat up your day with a Kris Kassady sexy story.

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Category: Interracial Romance