The Girl Who Brings the Dead

by Alessa Winters

Mother told her to never use her powers. But she couldn’t just let her brother die.


A Necromancer hasn’t been seen in over a generation, and nobody knows why.

Lyra just wanted a quiet life and for her brother to grow up healthy. But ever since she raised him from the dead, she’s been stalked by a Demon of immense power.

He wants to kill her. He needs to kill her.

Instead, he introduces himself. His name is Melekai, and Lyra belongs to him now. Whenever he chooses, he comes to her and steals from her soul, and in exchange, she gets to stay alive.

Their uneasy peace is disturbed when two Magicians discover Lyra’s powers. They think they’ve found their savior, they think they’ve found a weapon that can save the world.

Lyra wants to be left alone. Melekai wants her safe, to be his.

Magic has other plans.


If you like:

Gothic Romance
Romance with a little bit of gore
Villain Love Interests
Found Family
Then you will LOVE this book.

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Category: Paranormal Romance