The Flip Side of Little White Lies

by Alexia Chase

Can a man find love with his sister’s best friend?

Years prior, John took Olivia’s virginity and left town. It’s not what you think. She told him it was practice for another guy.

John has always been in love with Olivia, but he couldn’t stick around and watch her with another man.

Olivia lied through her teeth. There was no other guy.

Now, they’re stuck together at his sister’s wedding, but she thinks he’s turned into a big ol’ player. Is that another lie?

Olivia is determined to stay strong, but she gets weak in the knees every time he’s around.

Can they pick up where they left off? Will either of them tell the truth?

What happens if they succumb to their desires?

Do you like to feel the rapid heartbeat and fluttering butterflies of falling in love?

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Category: Erotic Romance