by Natalie Degen

Monsieur Pichot is the fortunate owner of Galeries Trichet, thanks to his dedication, ambition, and … marriage to the heiress of the Galeries Trichet fortune. But the one weakness that has haunted him his entire life, his deep sympathies for the fairer sex, gives most of the employees of his store permission to laugh at him behind his back, which is ironic, because at the same time, they are dreaming of becoming his next favorite. At the present time, this enviable position is occupied by Madame Moreau, whose abandoned husband has found moral support in the arms of the unassuming and sympathetic Mademoiselle Dalman. A woman’s enticing voice is telling us all of this; we hear it from the horse’s mouth, as it were. But who might she be? Is she also in love with…?

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Category: Fantasy Romance