The Falling of Jodie Skye

by Anastasia Simonds

Twenty-five-year old Jodie Skye has had a damning past and a lot of skeletons in her closet. Except for her best friend, Stacie, she doesn’t let anyone in, nor is she looking for a relationship; well, at least not a short-term one! Yet, at the back of her mind, she can’t seem to forget the handsome stranger she’s seen on the train until she finds out he’s taken, or so she thinks. After a drunken night that ends in a questionable one-night stand, vulnerable and full of regrets, Jodie finds herself more detached from the world than ever. She vows to never trust a man again until she meets Colin, the stunning stranger from the train. She finds herself falling in love but does she dare to love again or will her guarded secrets ruin her chances?

Will this be a happily ever after ending where she meets her Prince Charming…or will he end up being a frog, like the rest?

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Category: Contemporary Romance