The Fake Dating War

by Sookh Kaur

Jake Coleman is the infuriatingly hot nemesis I’d stomp over for a promotion until he’s the fake boyfriend I need to survive my sister’s wedding.

There’s a six-foot-two fortress I battle every day, Coliseum-style. He pretends to be me, stealing clients. I hack his calendar, deleting appointments. Our fighting is filthy.

Just a regular day at the office, right?
Not when there’s a giant bonus up for grabs.

Coleman, with his smug smirk and iron-cut muscles, thinks it’s his. But I’m winning so I don’t have to eat ramen for every meal. Not that he knows that. “Keep pretending” is my life mantra.

But maybe I take it too far by pretending to have an amazing boyfriend… that my family wants to meet at my sister’s wedding!

Out of nowhere, Satan offers his services. He’s up to something, but I’ve got no other choice. What could possibly go wrong with fake-dating for a week?

Well, he’s kissing me dizzy in front of guests. I’m sitting on his lap on a party bus. And there’s only one bed…

But come Monday I can’t forget we’re at war again, no matter how real this charade feels…

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Category: Romantic Comedy