The Fae Queen’s Warriors

by Tara West

From USA Today Bestselling Author, Tara West

If the Dragon Defenders can’t help me defeat the king, I will slit his throat myself.

I need your oaths, Dragon Defenders, to stand with me against the mad king. He wants me dead. How do I know? He told me when he wrapped his hands around my throat on our wedding night. But I survived, and we have a chance to take him down. Do you stand with me, great defenders of the nation? You who are ruled by no one and stand fearlessly sentinel for us, guarding our country against mighty leviathans? We are the world’s only hope, and I need your help to defeat him.

**A brave Fae queen, three fearless warriors, an evil mage, a mad king’s assassins, and voracious dragons battle in an epic power struggle as the threat of a Fae invasion looms.**

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Category: Fantasy Romance