The Fae King’s Fated Mate

by J.B. Black

A reclusive warlock falls for the fated ‘Prince Charming’ he swore he never needed.

Warlock Fannar refuses to be controlled by destiny. His parents showed how disastrous fated mates could be, and he has no intention of becoming victim to the same fate.

A seer foretells a mate who encompasses everything he fears, but cords can be cut. Fannar’s magic is unrivaled. No one will chain him, and if destiny intends to intercede, he’ll cut it down a second time.

But his preparations never accounted for love.

Where Fannar fears his match, Idris dreams of finding an equal. Someone to love. A husband to rule beside him. He never expected his fate to run.

Can Idris convince Fannar love is worth the risk?

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Category: LGBT Romance