The Ex Hex

by Killian McRae

Everyone knows that love is blind, but even Riona Dade knows it’s supposed to be with a mortal. That’s true even if you are a witch with the ability to magically slay the scum of Hell. But when you find out your ex-boyfriend was a demon, you should probably take your lesson about falling for the wrong guy. Probably. It’s a great theory, anyway. But if there’s one thing Riona can do well, it’s picking the wrong guy.

With the help of Greek Gods, archangels, and her fellow Pure Souls, Riona faces down challenge after challenge, both to her heart and to her head. Seems the reluctant witch plays a key part in a prophecy, one that has her pitted against the Devil at every turn. The Devil isn’t quite what he used to be, though, and by the time Riona is through, neither one of them will be the same again.

The Ex Hex includes all five installments of this hilarious paranormal romance series, a rollickingly humorous tale of love, lust, magic, and a demon who loves Zima.

This collection contains:

The Motion of the Potion (All My Exes Die From Hexes, #1)
Once You Go Demon (All My Exes Die From Hexes, #2)
Hex Goddess (All My Exes Die From Hexes, #3)
When Spell Freezes Over (All My Exes Die From Hexes, #4)
Hung by the Fireplace (All My Exes Die From Hexes)

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Category: Paranormal Romance